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Forum Thread: Canon 77D with Neewer TT560 Speedlite

Hi. I'm trying to connect my Neewer TT560 Speedlite with my Canon 77D with the hotshoe but it doesn't seem to be working. On the flash I've done a "test" flash and it works. So the flash physically works. I connect it to the hotshoe and tried in "M", "S1" and "S2". And it doesn't work on any of those modes. When I go to settings on my camera it says flash not detected. When using it on my friends Rebel T3i it works. So not sure what to do. The camera is only 1-2 months old and barely even used.

Forum Thread: Focus spot

When take a picture by pressing the shutter button halfway down so that it sets the focus on the desired object, then move the camera so as to set the desired composition, I notice that after I take the picture the red dot showing where focus was set on shows focus to have been set on a different spot than I had selected when I pushed shutter button 1/2 way down.  

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